Mobile UI for developer portal

This was developed by using foundation templating engine Blank iPhone - New Page Blank iPhone - New Page Blank iPhone - New Page (1) Blank iPhone - New Page (2)

Developer finder

The idea behind this project is to collaborate with fellow developers on an idea of an APP thorough the developer portal. developer finder - New Page

Submit an APP- UI diagram

This feature allows a developer submission of an api to the developer portal site submit - app submit

API management layer- API usage stats

UI diagram for API usage. The idea is to give an overview of the usage data to control the API quota for each project. Each project using a API has an allocated quota. This enables the developer to scale the project My stats - New Page

kerastase USA product presentation layer

presentation layer

Request developer key

Req key - New Page Req key - level 1 Req key - landing
Request developer key layer for NYC developer Portal project

Edit Application

edit APP - New Page
UI to edit application for the NYC developer portal project

Online performance monitoring tool

Home page alertSite - home Settings alertSite - settings