Site redirect by detecting the IP address

Checking the country code from the client request. If the it is not United states then proceeding to the script. If not then terminating the pipeline. The termination shows an output of a default home page. If it is not terminated the script executes and check for IP address of the client. If it matches with a list of excluded IP address then the process gets terminated. If not the script proceeds to match if the country code matches with any country code in the list. If there is a match the site gets redirected to the matched url. If not a display message is fetched saying we dont serve in that country

Site performance tool

alertSite - New Page

L’Oreal product category

CatalogArchitecture This project started started with a conversation about how to consolidate all the product categories under kerastase and illustrate their benefits through single page user experience. The expected result of this process was to educate the user with the wide variety of product features.

Subcategory process SubCatProcess

City of New York, Developer portal Approval process

approval-process-flow The scope of this project was to develop a portal for web developers to access city owned data. City of New York collects public service data from agencies operating under it. These data sets are used to create better infrastructure and understand the need for improvement. This project application developers to develop mobile and web applications by using city owned data. It also helps the city to learn and understand the need for new data sets and opens a communication channel to maintain existing data sets.